Spaceek has developed a complete system for navigating drivers to an available parking space and for effectively managing indoor and outdoor parking lots.

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Smart City
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Spaceek needed rebranding, which included a new logo and updated marketing materials.

To create a clear and eye-catching logo, we combined the square symbol with the innovative arrow that breaks the pattern but still manages to “squeeze into the parking space.”

For a color palette, we chose blue and black to show Spaceek as a confident company, and bright orange to mirror that the company is unusual and innovative.

Typography helps to maintain a consistent brand identity internally and on public-facing materials – we decided that Lato is a perfect solution for Spaceek.

We also designed marketing materials for promoting Spaceek during the conference. All of the materials – from business cards to brochures to roll up banners – not only demonstrate significant information about smart parking – how it works and why you need it – but also create the right feelings in the viewer.


An innovative company needs a modern website – smart, functional and user-friendly. Our task was to create a website for B2B and B2G segments where Spaceek would look like a solid company and not a startup. It should also reflect key brand advantages, such as innovativeness, availability, and quick installation.

After hours of marketing research, the website was ready – it contained info about Spaceek’s service, its mechanism, and step-by-step instruction. The block design, pointful animation, and bright color spots not only catch the eye, but also make understanding the information simple.

Another task was to create a dashboard for Spaceek that would not only showcase how the service works, with simple step-by-step instructions, but also be as progressive as the company itself.