RoundU is a market platform, based on AI and functions without human intervention. It allows businesses, advertisers and publishers to deliver the right offer to the right person at the right moment at the relevant location.

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  • Presentation
  • UI/UX

Investor presentation is a good way to show the brand personality and make potential investor sure that company’s idea worth every his minute and dollar. To make it real, we started with a brand identity.

Light orange and dark red weren’t chosen accidently. Red is a very noticeable, strong and provocative color. Orange color, usually associated with energy and motivation is often used to draw an attention. Both of them are stimulants and have a great impact in marketing so we decided to use the gradient. Roboto typeface with its geometric skeleton and curving lines is a good fit for any tech company. It looks modern and emotional – important features for market platform. Also we created icons with the thin lines and recognizable symbols.

With a ready brand identity we had only to complement it with all the important information about industry and company’s product.


For B2B companies every conversion is high-stakes. In this case, landing page should be created more properly as it targets not a single person but a team of decision makers.

Firstly, our task was to create a landing page with a block design and clear navigation. Brand information should be good structured and divided into the bullets – we decided to illustrate them with bright icons that show Round U’s personality. Talking about content, we made an accent on the brand solution, its advantages and how it works – typical informational blocks for this industry. Also we used numbers to bolster confidence to the company.

What about design, we chose a combination of brand gradient and neutral white color. It helps Round U catch visitors’ attention and, at the same time, not overload them.