Coral Manta is a drowning detection system for private swimming pools, based on artificial intelligence technology. Its integrated underwater video camera tracks all the people in the pool and sounds an alarm on the phone when it detects a person in a drowning risk. It provides a 24/7 safety solution for families who own swimming pools.

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  • Branding
  • UI/UX

Coral Manta is all about safety and high technology. Firstly, our task was to create a logo that would be elegant, modern and serious. We took a form of drop and filled it with blue waves to highlight the connection with pool gadgets. Then we started working on brand style guide where all the other elements continue expressing the brand personality through basic forms and understandable images. It’s also full of lines – their contours were taken from an outline of the logo.

For all printed materials, a minimalistic design is utilized – information should be decorated with thin lines, repeating the logo form. What about color palette? We used blue and black to show Coral as a confident company, connected with water and technology. To support this style, only these colors and their combination are necessary.


To make a perfect website for Coral Manta, we spent hours on a deep marketing research. The target audience is a little bit specific: upper class parents, specifically millennials who are also pool owners that spend much more time with their kids and love home safety gadgets but are not sure if they can trust them.

So, our main task was to make users feel trust and interest for artificial intelligence technology. We designed the website based on brand style – minimalistic, in blue colors, not overloaded with images and texts – only actual information that would help everyone understand the brand and believe it.