Classic Shapewear is one of the most popular retailers of shaping undergarments. It’s all about women’s beauty in its every demonstration. The brand promotes the idea that every woman should be able to feel elegant and desired.

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Classic Shapewear needed a rebranding, so we were asked to create a new brand style and represent it in a logo. Our designers used minimalism, a laconic black and white duet, and a curvy typeface as the most efficient way to express the personality of the brand. The task was to show that beauty is in shapes and curves and it should be elegant, not vulgar.

The new logo can be easily used with any web or print materials – website, emails, catalog, business card, packaging or label. The black and white combine well with any other colors but we recommend nude tones (beige, ashy pink…) as they are usually associated with lingerie.


Another project we were asked to undertake is the creation of a new website. It needed to be clean, modern and effective. We engaged our marketing specialist and UI/UX designers to reach all these goals. Firstly, we analyzed the consumer behavior on the old website and took a more proper look at the target audience to define all the hidden needs, wants and preferences. Also we made a marketing research of the main Classic Shapewear’s competitors – for market understanding and fresh ideas.

 We used neutral background with few color accents (like the gold glitter spots) to convey that elegance and set the stage for the beautiful garments. Banners and CTAs look unobtrusive, they capture the attention without evoking any negative emotions. Block design helps users perceive the information and make the right decision.


When talking about e-commerce it is impossible to avoid banners as they are really an integral part of the online sales process. A banner should attract, deliver the main message and provoke a desired action. We spent hours on analyzing online marketing materials of other brands, not only connected with lingerie but with the same target audience.

We’ve created a campaign on a light background focusing on the model in the lingerie and added a few keywords that will drive the message home. Another campaign was created for the holiday season – the time when we could use more colors, visual effects and contrast with our CTA button.