Why a studio is better than a single freelancer

One day, every business will need someone with a specific expertise without creating an extra position in staff. There are two options for this: hiring a single freelancer or working with a studio. Below, we’ll explain why and when a studio is better than a single freelancer.


As an employer, it can be a tempting idea to hire a designer who is also a master in structuring and writing presentation texts. Or maybe a designer with a strong understanding of the industry, key players and buyer persona portraits. Or you may dream of finding someone equally adept in creating logotypes, brand style and 3D models of your product. However, do you believe these specialized yet well-rounded professionals truly exist?

By definition, a good specialist can’t be everything for everyone, but a studio can – by working with a range of highly qualified experts in various fields. Each expert thinks deeply, knows their speciality inside out and has mastered their skill. Hiring Berka Studio for your project means always being provided with qualified help in any area of expertise. In addition to our regular team, our studio has its own base of specialists for any specific need you may have.

Strategic thinking

Single freelancers tend to focus upon completing short-term tasks, but working with a studio means reaching goals with an overall strategy in mind. At Belka Studio, we are truly interested in long-term relationships that will lead your company to success.

We believe it is important to say no to eye-catching concepts if they don’t agree with a brand’s style and philosophy; all images, texts and actions must strengthen your brand and not conflict with its strategy. Usually, a single freelancer will not have enough time, motivation and expertise to feel a deep understanding of your brand.

And what if you need some design or marketing materials without having a clear brand strategy in mind? We often work with young companies and help them create their personality, find partners and investors, and decide what services they need in that moment. So if you’re setting out on your way and need help with a vision, don’t hesitate to contact our marketing and business development specialists.

Complex approach

Every business is a complex structure where all the elements are interrelated and interdependent. When talking about brand development, systematic thinking is crucial. You must understand the important connections between things, events and ideas. You must surround your company with those who likewise understand and value these connections.

The slogan “Inspiring design with purpose” fully captures the idea of a complex approach to every single task. For example, designers create a product that is modern and impressive, the marketing department makes it meaningful and responsive to the company’s goals, and project managers organize the process in the most efficient way. It is important to have a comprehensive approach to your strategy so that your business gains specialty expertise when and where it is needed. In this, a studio can deliver where a single freelancer will struggle.

What do you think about working with freelancers and studios? What was your experience?