The Power Of Presentation For Startups

The Power of presentation

A business presentation, also known as a pitch deck, is an important tool for every startup. No matter if it is a one on one meeting, a conference or email correspondence – without an impressive presentation your chances to find an investor are slim. Why? Find the answer below.


You have only 10 to 15 slides to make the investor fall in love… firstly with your industry and then – with the company you present. Market and industry information really matters so don’t forget to do (and include in the presentation) a deep research about key players and their shares of the market, common problems and market outlook. Also you should describe your idea, your product, its features and how you will bring it to life. A good presentation addresses most of the issues and leaves the investor wanting to ask more questions and to continue the conversation.

Inspiration and persuasion

Don’t choose between inspiring and persuading – use both approaches to attract your angel or venture capital investor. Inspire with your mission/vision and bright opportunities. Persuade with numbers, graphics and facts. The investor should clearly understand what is going on to believe in your potential. One more crucial thing to include is information about the team. Mark Suster, Managing Partner of Upfront Ventures, wrote that “for any investor it takes a miracle to get investment dollars out of them if they’re not impressed with the team”. Show photos of key team members, complementing them with a short summary that highlights previous experience and relevant expertise.

Visual appeal

Did you know that we memorize only 10-20% of information in text form? The good news is that if it’s presented visually, that number increases to 65%. Eye-catching design is as important as the message itself, so don’t underestimate the value of colors, fonts and backgrounds. In your presentation you’re not selling a product, but rather an idea and the emotions it evokes. To reach your goal, the design style should represent your personality and tone of voice, and not conflict with it. Use infographics when persuading the potential investor. These images look playful and, at the same time, professional and drive the point across – all that you need in one picture.

What about your pitch deck, will it make your investors swoon? If you think it can use a face lift, or maybe a complete makeover, don’t hesitate to contact us.