New Startups That Can Change The World


We picked up something for you and found a few new and interesting startups that can change the face of our world. Yes, we think they are very optimistic!

Ecology Startup: Desert Oasis

Recently we read about awesome an invention of Dutch engineer Jurriaan Rays, as written about in The New Yorker. Rays spent most of his life as environmentalist. He started his ecology career at the age of eight, when he went door to door with brochures asking for help saving sea turtles. When he grew up, he became  an engineer and started to search for ways he could help the world instead of relying on government involvement. He decided to focus on desertification and to take his part to other areas too. He spent a lot of time in traveling to make connections and contacts with other specialists.

This created an unexpected result for him. In a short amount of time, he created a worldwide network of enthusiasts and specialists. A few years later his inventions was adopted in Mexico, Cameroon, Malawi, Peru, Chile, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, China, Dubai, and the U.S. He founded Land Life and began to introduce his invention.

Rays created a new method to make deserts and arid regions of our planet green again. Recent technologies weren’t good enough. Most of them were simple and useless, like spreading seeds from airplanes and praying for rain. Rays invented special cheap container that can feed young trees with water and fertilizer until its roots can reach groundwaters. José Luis Rubio, the vice chair of the European Soil Bureau Network, called Ruys’s invention “remarkable.” It’s actually ancient technique that had been updated for modern times.

He is not only an ecologist. Rays work with app developers and used Google Earth data to make his invention a reality and easily accessible. Since then, he has made contact with businessmen and entrepreneurs for his project. Now, he is busy with an Israeli-Palestine project to grow up trees at both sides of their border.

New line of startups that try to change world for the better are here. We can’t include all of them in this small article, but we will try to make a note about everyone.

Animal Help

Even today sanitation problems are still the scourge for many regions of Earth. The most suffered regions are usually the desert regions of poor Africa, Asia and Latin regions of America. Governments don’t invest money in infrastructure. Instead, most of them are just struggling for power with other neighboring regimes or inner opposition and often ignore problems of the commoners. That’s why startups that can solve a number of these regions’ problems are like manna. Such regions suffer not only from low sanitation, but also from starving, bad and damaged ecology, arid climate, low developed infrastructure etc. Most of these regions looks like poor medieval villages with few modern life elements in sight. A lot of startups are trying to change this situation, but for radical change joint efforts are needed.

Volunteers from the whole of the world refuse to give up and continue to work for the future.  In Thailand, volunteers and entrepreneurs combined their effort to create Elephant Parade. This is a half-entertainment organization that gathers funds for saving elephants. They combine social enterprise with charity organization. They sell hand-painted elephant statues made by artists and celebrities. A large part of profits are donated to The Asian Elephants Foundation.

Charity: Sanitation Startup

Sanergy is another example how to make this world better. Sanergy is  bringing affordable sanitation across Africa. They build low-cost sanitation infrastructures across the continent. The model of their business is to franchise: they sell their local projects to local owners plus create a lot of work place for locals.  They are providing both jobs and sanitation help to solve a set of complex problems in these countries.

Say No To Starvation

There are many startups that are trying to solve food problems in the modern world. This can be unimaginable that somebody can starve today. An army of volunteers are involved to solve this problems, and a new era involves a lot of entrepreneurs here too. They create different types of startups and invent new methods or solutions to feed people. For example, Mealshare created a system which can help you to have your own meal in one of their partner restaurants. Other companies have created networks that help locals in starving regions or aid them after natural disasters. This startup is more interesting than other ones because it was founded by group of milllennials. Their mission is “end hunger in our lifetime,”

The modern world is very diverse and every element of it try to be useful and versatile. New business models that we call startups aren’t only about money. Young entrepreneurs and many experienced enthusiasts have created new form of business. They earn money, develop their skills and make this world better.

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