Check-list for a conference

As conferences allow you to get noticed by potential clients, partners and even investors, it’s a prime time for your business. To send a strong branded message to the audience you should have a package of marketing and design materials.


During the conference


1. If you’re a visitor:

  • Elevator pitch

A short but impressive description of your idea, product, company, or yourself. It should last no longer than 20-30 seconds, the average time of a short elevator ride.

  • Logo

A symbol used to identify and promote your company, organization, brand,  or product. A good logo expresses brand personality, values, and advantages.

  • Business card

Provides contact information about a company or individual. It’s often used in networking and forming first impressions.

  • Brochure

An informative paper document that describes the company’s key features and ends with a strong call-to-action.

  • Short presentation

An event-based marketing tool that presents your idea in the most attractive way. Design plays a vital role here as it shows brand personality and creates a “WOW!” effect.


2. If you’re a participant:

  • Roll-up banner

A portable stand used for advertising your company and its products at trade shows, events, and conferences.

  • Brand merchandise

A means to put a brand identity in front of customers through products and services they regularly use. These products include paper, writing, technology, clothing, eco, and confectionary.

  • Full presentation

A marketing tool that uses a compelling live presentation to display and explain the most important points of your idea or brand. It usually contains bright images, infographics, stories, and short videos.


After the conference


  • Website (landing page, at least)

A digital marketing tool, crafted to suit multiple needs—informing and persuading, collecting leads, and so on.

  • Full presentation

A marketing tool that describes company features and industry opportunities. It is created with a strong focus on marketing, ROI, and potential distribution.

  • One-pager

An A4 page as a short brief of your company and its services. It is created for investors to receive a quick glance at the company’s idea.


Contact us if still need some of these materials.