Information and Technology App development guide


Building apps is not for the faint of heart, it takes lots of time and hard work from you. This is not a guide on how to become a professional, but it will help you take those first steps to learning how to build an app. Remember, building apps may be very risky for your time, funds and hopes, but this is a way to be an effective app developer.

Step X or Default Step

People are different and everyone learns differently. There is no press-to-win key. Find your most efficient way of learning and begin on your hard working weekdays. Yes, hard. There’s no easy way, really.

Step One

Learn the language. No matter which of them, Python, Ruby or Javascript. You haven’t enough time for doubts or reflection. Learning any language is a basis for entering app developments, so you can start right now.

Step Two

To Build or not To Build. After you have completed all tutorials and can easily use your first language, you will ask next answer: what do I do next? So, HOW do I build an app? What’s your goal when creating your first app? Do you dream of making a revolution in the IT sphere that make you a guru? Will you follow existing guides or tutorials to create new version of existing social media? Hm, do you feel something is wrong? Yes, this is road to nowhere. Sometimes it is much better to work in a big company, so that you can understand your potential target audience and see how it all works from different angles.

Step Three

Data-mining. The success of this way depends only on you. Understand what your interest is and how you work. Pick an idea and work to develop it, make a plan to help you have a holistic understanding of it. Sometimes, the game thinking method can help you to ease your work and make it more effective, but it isn’t a panacea. Rework the list of your ideas into one sentence. You must clearly understand your purposes. Define your core functionalities and never try to make a universal all-in-one application. Be balanced. Don’t find challenges you can’t get through. Make basic and final sketches of your future application.

Step Four

UI. Just make it compatible with human, ok?

Step Five

Research. You could find marketing specialist, and this is a really good decision. Match this with your own vision of product and “field” experience. On the one hand, research is a powerful instrument of product promotion. On the other hand, you are always at contact with world and your target audience, and it helps you to make sure what you love is what is in-demand. After tons of successful projects, try not teach others how to build apps. Learn new on your own.


These are just a few tips for a good start. When you are done, make sure you have an awesome designer to find and fix all your visual mistakes and make your app look perfect.