Web Design Trends To Grow Your Business


Trends come and go. The only things that you should truly care about are your business targets and your users and customers. Don’t follow trends if you are not sure of the effect they will have on your bottom line (or rather test them in a small closed group if possible, and then decide whether that’s the right move for your audience or not). Keeping that in mind take a look at the top 7 trends in web design we’ve put together for you:

  1. Hamburger menu

You know why users love this pattern – it makes a website look cleaner and sleeker. But at the same time, most sites prefer to show top-level categories to help people understand what the site is about. Are there any cases in which the hamburger menu will do more harm than good? It’s probably not the best solution for e-commerce and news sites.

  1. Monochromatic colors

By monochromatic colors we mean using a single base color with a great number of tints and tones. It helps distinguish content and stimulates users in a visual way, especially when talking about minimal sites.

  1. Full-width images

Large background images are one more way to engage more users and illustrate a message they are trying to send. And quality photos of products are not just a passing trend, they have been attracting and converting customers for decades.

  1. Storytelling

Wondering how to show the  benefits of a specific product or of your company as a whole? Tell your users an exciting story through graphics and text. Videos or presentations are also welcome. The rule is that more interaction leads to more conversion.

  1. Card-based interface

This trend is on the rise. A card-based interface gives bursts of information to users and allows them to find an important section easily and quickly. Adding animation and movement makes cards infinitely more manipulatable. And they are surely becoming the best design option for mobile devices.

  1. Responsive design

Today responsive design is not a bonus, but a must-have standard for every modern website. But what does that mean for business? Higher ranking, effective costs, on-the-go access and earnings from ads are only few of benefits you can get by building your site for all the platforms.

  1. One page

Long scrolling sites are definitely on the rise as well. Homepages are not the only place where this trend appears – about and product information pages can also be presented in such a way.

Have you had some recent experience with these trends in your website, or a website you visit often? Did the changes result in a positive outcome, or perhaps quite the opposite? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.