10 Ways to Stay Creative



Whether you are facing a new advertising campaign or a marketing presentation for the board, you’re always expected to pull rabbits out of your screen. How to keep doing that slide after slide? Well, we’ve asked around our studio and put together a few of the most common ways our artists suggested.

1. Keep a daily diary or sketchbook
And take it with you every time you leave home. People, nature or architecture that you notice while walking to the office, can be a great inspirational resource.

2. Make some time for yourself
Firstly answer the question: how many of the hours you’ve spent solving creative problems were in fact productive? Scientists say that our brain needs a 10-minute break after every work hour. A little coffee break or some small talk with friends will reduce stress and restore your energy.

3. Attend cultural events
… and don’t rush! Take a moment to stop and think about the picture/sculpture/photo and decide whether you like it or not. Ask yourself what moves you in this picture, what draws you in or averts your gaze. Try to guess what the author wanted to show with his/her creation.

4. Don’t forget to exercise
When we exercise, our brain gets more blood. More blood means more oxygen – that makes the brain perform at max efficiency. Regular cardio not only increases our concentration and improves our overall feeling, but also enhances creativity.

5. Break your smartphone addiction
Don’t reach for your smartphone every time you’re bored. Waiting for your order or friends or even staying in line can be a good time to explore the outside world. Observing strangers and listening to your surroundings is just as  important for producing those new ideas.

6. Say YES to unusual ideas
Creativity has no chance to appear if you’re using your well-organized and logical left-brain the entire day. Bring some chaos to your life! Extreme sports, spontaneous trips or a new look will definitely help you think wider.

7. Surround yourself with people of different interests
When it comes to finding new ideas, it is better to spend time with people from other backgrounds, fields of activity and hobbies. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice and explore all that you’ve heard. Such kind of brainstorm will help you take a fresh look at your problem.

8. Clean your space and mind
Great ideas never come to a dusty mind. To clean it you could try breathing exercises or meditate in another way. Or just express your thoughts on a sheet of paper (returning to our first suggestion). Sometimes a creative mess is just a mess, and clearing it up can help uncover previous great ideas sitting on a crumpled post-it at the bottom of a pile of papers.

9. Spend more time outside
Most writers escape civilization to write their best-sellers. Even if the Pulitzer prize isn’t your desired goal, a 20-minute walk can help you find inspiration for current projects. Try walking as the most available kind of meditation to reach that elusive peace of mind.

10. Sometimes break the rules
Creativity – as in ability to produce new solutions, means breaking the rules by its definition. We don’t ask you to defy the law, just be brave enough to defend your unusual ideas. For many years the only person who supported Henry Ford was his wife. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about his inventions?

So what’s your zone-out method that allows you to recharge, refocus and reinvent?